nudist family gallery – nude wedding

The staff of a Czech company Gabriela has 14 members, young men and women work as plumbers and home help assistants… in their birth costumes. All of them are young, have college education and sportive grades. Looks like this kind of work requires an unusual amount of intellectual work and physical endurance. The customers are allowed to take photographs of nude staff members for their private nudist family gallery.

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{nudist family gallery holds its ground on pure enthusiasm}

nudist-family-galleryIn general, nudist family gallery holds its ground on pure enthusiasm, but one has got to earn one’s living! Why not combine naturism with work? I am not speaking of professional strippers, this is quite a different pair of shoes. I refer to a different thing.
Naturists have not come to invade banks, post offices and telegraphs, but they can be seen in news services. One of Toronto news services decided to attract auditoria’s attention towards what they are saying hiring newscasters who are ready to do announcements nude. There were no particular requirements for announcer talents. The only requirement imposed for the applicants was including nudist family gallery to the CV files.
D'Artagnan and his friends held the Bastion of St. Gervais under the enemy’s fire for one hour. His record was beaten by a 32 years old resident of Tokyo. Wishing to earn some cash on stripping, he got naked in front of the public on one of observation decks of Tokyo TV towers, and it was not until 5 hours later than police officers managed to drag him out of it. You can see these pictures in nudist family gallery.
Naturism is infiltrating into industrial sphere as well. Two thousand (!) nude employers work hard in a Japanese computer producing company. The company’s president points out that notwithstanding the increased heat charges, the company’s income has considerably increased.
The staff of a Czech company Gabriela has 14 members, young men and women work as plumbers and home help assistants… in their birth costumes. All of them are young, have college education and sportive grades. Looks like this kind of work requires an unusual amount of intellectual work and physical endurance. The customers are allowed to take photographs of nude staff members for their private nudist family gallery.
Once upon a time working nude was offered to… policemen. They had to keep the watch on nude beaches. But they refused applying for the fact that they wouldn’t have a place to put their transmitters and shotguns.
However, every job has its own drawbacks. But when I told my friends about nude hairdressers everyone felt sorry about the poor fellas – poor devils, this must be really annoying to have cut-off hairs sticking everywhere.

nudist family gallery – nude wedding

{sentimental nudist family gallery to be looked through after wedding }

young-nudist-family-galleryFederation of nudists in Brazil initiated building a city with no laws against public nudity and filming nudity videos for home nudist family galleries. In a picturesque southern area of the country (here again, in an colder area) it is planned to build two hundred houses, as well as shops, restaurants, schools. There will be banks, and post offices, and telegraph, and telephone. But there won’t be any necessity to take them by storm to establish the nudist power. But there are places on the planet where nudists of all kinds already feel in the promised land. Paradisiacal Florida Lakes have become an elemental capital of nudism. Hundreds of naturists live there without actually feeling the need in clothing. And why would they ever feel it, with the temperature never going down for less than 83 degrees. Respectable citizens of noble professions walk around or job naked in the streets, do the shopping, work. They have already ventured their bloodless nudist evolution.
To marry nude it is much easier there than, say, in France, where there recently has taken place the first marriage of this sort since Adam and Eve. In fact, each wedding ends in newlyweds’ getting undressed, true it is though that they normally do it alone with each other. But progress has touched upon this custom – folks don’t mind getting undressed as fast as possible. It is a special pleasure to look through the sentimental nudist family gallery after the wedding. As it is against the laws of France to appear nude in public places, such as city halls, the newlyweds circumvented the law with truly French elegance. For their marriage to be considered legal they came to the city hall fully dressed, but directly after the moment of marriage registration got naked together with all of their guests. The bride looked charming wearing her veil and holding a bouquet of fleur d’orange in nudist family gallery.
Everyone can be a nudist, and age doesn’t matter. People of all ages can go nudist, but we do not refer to nude babies photographed with their bottoms up, quite the oppositely, we are talking about people of respectable age. It is amazing what people would do to make a sensation. Penthouse magazine published nude photographs of actress Dercy Gonçalves. So what? Didn’t they publish plenty of nudity photographs in the past? But these pictures are special. The model is ‘just’ ninety-four. But this is not the only case of gerontostripping. Last year one eighty-one years old got naked right in the court, either for charming the judge or to prove herself guilty. The thing is that she was accused of school arson, and she, in her turn, firmly believed that she was inspired to commit arson only when naked. Fortunately, the elderly lady was promptly shielded with a plaid, thus protecting the lookers-on from her charms.

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{ nudist family gallery – to see them in their birth costumes is an unmissable show }

Don’t think that nudists have one possible pastime, that of exposing their bodies on a beach. They play soccer and volleyball, travel through the mountains wearing nothing but their rucksacks, and as for nude swimming and plunging – that’s what they were put on earth to do! At any rate, the first nude Olympic Games took place 20 years ago in Australia. In 2000 nudists from all over the world came to Adelaide. Unconventional games included unconventional kinds of sports, such as sack racing.
During the past fifteen years the University of Michigan students celebrate the end of academic year with a nude race – you can find the evidence to that in nudist family gallery. This spectacular race of several thousands of young boys and girls would still be impressing even if they were wearing swimsuits. But seeing them in their birth costumes is simply an unmissable show! But that’s not nearly all. The crowd of many thousands spectators is attracted by other games that involve bobbing up and down, like hopscotch. It is too exciting to watch the intimate parts of human body in action. Our visitors who haven’t got to see much of the footage of this sort can watch those funny pictures in our nudist family gallery online. By the way, during those races people are often asked which celebrities they would like to see in the crowd of nudists. Among the thousands of international celebrities people often named Julia Roberts, and one time she literally made it to the top of nudist wish-list! The thing is that until late she refused to pose nude. I stress the ‘until late’ part of it. Now the Rubicon is crossed. Julia Roberts who is one of Hollywood’s ten most influential women agreed to be filmed in a nudity scene in what they call a life-size caption.
The movie is called Full Frontal. A lot of showmen are not in the least shy about their nudity, for they have to change in all the wrong places while touring. I remember being well received in the local theatre. The actors of the companies that acted a lot there had one common dressing room used both for men and women with areas separated quite conventionally with only dressing racks, and women would often swagger around the room topless – a perfect naturist family gallery scenario!

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{ By the way, nudist family galleries has nothing to do with sex }

Authorities are overreacting to nudity and nudist family gallery, seeing the breach of God knows what norms in them, not only in Muslim countries, but in highly industrialized, sexually progressive US. Back in 2001 New York policemen arrested famous model Amy Gunderson for topless public appearance with breasts covered with nothing but a coat of paint during Cony-Island festival. Progressive woman genuinely could not understand the reasons for her arrest, sued the authorities, and won the case!
Next, in America there are some places where authorities need to put up with the existing state of things with public nudity, moreover that it has come to be a mass phenomenon. Photographer Spencer Tunick challenged the world recruiting volunteers to be photographed nude on the streets of their native cities for nudist family gallery. His invitation was answered by two hundred New Yorkers, four hundred citizens of Switzerland and an two thousand citizens of Montreal. All of them had to have a lie down on the pavement nude and remain so positioned during at least 20 minutes while Tunic was taking photographs. It is not known whether Tunick himself was nude during the shooting session. Looks like he was after all, for why else would he fuel the masses with his enthusiasm? I wonder how many nudist volunteers he would inspire in this country.
Until late there were registered only singular nudity demonstrations in Ukraine, but in what a place! We already referred to the incident where one extremely enthusiastic street-walker got naked right in front of the Presidential residence, having decided to support his candidacy in this way. However, none of these mass stripping incidents has anything to do with sex. In the photographed crowd everybody keeps their hands to themselves, people are serious and unsmiling as it is requested by the photographer for nudist family gallery shooting.
People love getting undressed in front of artists, for one cannot possibly escape notoriety without resorting to the shield of fine arts. Same as an artist needs to practice in painting human body, not only clothing. Some artists never learnt to paint portraits, and now they paint landscapes. Or still life paintings. This does not refer to Spencer Tunick, though – he’s got all of the models he needs. In Buenos Aires there was the fifth part of Montreal nude models coming together, but in what conditions! The main boulevard Avenido de Julio was picked for being the venue for Arteba exhibition fair, and nudity show was to be a part of it. Municipal authorities banned out nudist family gallery, but nevertheless 450 models undressed and lied down on the pavement while focused and unsmiling Spencer Tunick was taking photographs.
Nudists have simpler philosophy. They don’t have idealistic side to them. They just like sunbathing nude for a more even suntan. Nudists would not hang about the beach impatient to get dressed – they simply need no clothing on a beach. A kid once was known to inquire of his mom when first time on a beach if nudists had no money to buy swimsuits.
God created Adam in His image and likeness. But as long as Adam would wander about Eden stark naked it is natural to assume that God was not dressed either. Pay attention – Adam and Eve were cast away from paradise only when they got dressed! In other words, being clothed is being sinful. Clothing is the obstacle between people and God. There are people who worship the Creator of all the living things nude eager to overcome this obstacle. They call themselves Adamists. What if all family nudism followers could come together and start a huge party! But as the great chief Lenin put it, before uniting one needs to firmly fix the boundaries. This assumption is entirely applicable to nudists. The fix their boundaries with real enthusiasm, naturists get separated from nudists, the latter don’t acknowledge apolists, Adamists get naked separately as well, and all of them silently despise exhibitionists. However, the latter never mingle with true nudity fans – there is no one to startle with so many people promoting family nudism.
The social importance of nudity is so high that family nudism is employed in various actions. For example, in public protests. A certain Tania from Kustanai strutted down the streets of her town nude, regardless of considerably low temperature. In this way she protested against her paramour’s terminal departure for Germany. ‘If he doesn’t want me – everyone else will!’ – such was her motto. Alas, the protest march ended too soon for the brave fighter for national treasure – hardly surprising with winters being that cold in Kustanai.
Only revolution which is immune to attacks is worth something. Mayor of Fort-George, Iowa was unlucky to ban out family nudist and nude dancing in local bars in the state. In response to this a group of nude paratroopers decided to work on their airborne tactics. Fourteen brave revolutionists landed on the streets in their birth costumes gliding for a considerable while. Unfortunately, there was no law against nude paratrooping for the hapless Mayor to apply to. A funny incident took place in Indonesia. Local rangers attempted arresting a group of poaching lumberjacks. But right in the middle of the raid the poachers’ wives put up a public family nudism act stripping down and attacking rangers who simply had no guts to hurt the new amazons and drew back. It is much more efficient to protest nude – nudity attracts more attention. A group of students was known to mob in Helsinki protesting against decrease in educational supply. Demonstration had not cause much commotion – just another student get-together, until the unflinching leader thought that it would be wise to undress and climb nude to the roof with his megaphone. The action was none too slow to draw a wide social response.
Radical party members in Italy did something of this sort. When the party leader Marco Penella accused the government of conspiracy and claimed to be told ‘bare truth’ in future, six of active party members threw away their clothes. Twelve leading models of Spain protested against environment pollution in their unique way, posing nude for calendar against heaps of waste or covered in mud.